Friday, August 21, 2009

Managing your Javascripts through SHP (4) - Shorthand for Generating the JSMGR querystring

To really simplify the development it would be nice to be able to call something like the following to issue the javascript reference:

;; in any SHP script
`(script ((src ,(js-link "jquery.js" "jquery.ui.js" ...))) "")

and it will translate into the appropriate link. Let's see how it can be done.

Assuming the path is hardcoded (let's say "/js/"), then it's pretty straight forward:

(define js-base-path (make-parameter "/js"))

(define (js-url path . paths)
(let ((url (string->url (js-base-path))))
(set-url-query! url (map (lambda (path)
(cons 's path))
(cons path paths)))
(url->string url)))

Given the base path is set in a parameter, you can parameterize it to a different value. It would be nice to "automatically" set the js-base-path based on where you call the value, but that might be more difficult than it's worth so it's out of scope for now.

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