Monday, August 17, 2009

Packaging SHP and Releasing to Wild

At this particular point there is enough basic functionalities in SHP that it's time to release it to the wild.

Releasing a package in PLT Scheme is a very straight forward process, which we will follow:
  1. organize all of the files into a single directory
  2. create an file to describe the metadata of the package
  3. use planet create to generate the PLT package file
  4. test the package file to ensure it is functional - use planet fileinject to install the package, and planet remove to deinstall the package
  5. submit the package to
Specifically, SHP is developed on PLT Scheme 4.2.1 and due to the differences of the functionalities available in web-server from previous versions, SHP will not be compatible with older web-server versions without work, so we'll only support SHP for 4.2.1 onwards.

SHP will be released with the next post, which will include a tutorial for using SHP that summarizes all previous posts so far.

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