Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SHP - Scheme Hypertext Processor

PLT Scheme offers a very nice web development platform, but since the development is done in servlets, it is not as easy to modify and add pages as PHP (a good analogy would be the difference between Java servlets and JSP, or ASP.net modules vs ASP). SHP is meant to fill the role of PHP in Scheme style.

Let's see how something like this would work:
  1. declare a root path for while we will hold all of the SHP pages
  2. to handle each request, web-server will dispatch the request to a specific SHP page if the path matches
  3. SHP pages ought to be decomposable so we can reuse the pages
  4. Updating SHP pages should become immediately available
We also want the maintain the nice property of scheme instead of PHP, namely:
  1. construct and return xexpr (and/or sxml) instead of printing to STDOUT (although it might be possible to support such mode, it might not make sense to do so)
We'll discuss how we develop SHP, as well as how to use SHP in a series of articles.

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