Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flapjax - Functional Reactive Programming in Javascript

[This preview is posted here during the transition phase; once the transition is complete I will stop posting here] 

What if programming can be as simple as writing spreadsheet formulas?
Now - there are some complex spreadsheets out there for sure, but the power of spreadsheet comes from that the values are self-updating, i.e. changing value in one cell will automatically cause all its dependent cells to reflect the change.  If spreadsheets cannot do the auto-propagation, even the simplest spredsheet will be much more complex.
Most programming languages do not have the auto-propagating capability, but the ones that do are called reactive programming languages.  And if the language is also functional, then it's called a functional reactive programming language.
Since most of the mainstream languages did not have reactive features built-in, the feature need to be "bolted on", as a library or a transformer.  The one for Javascript is called Flapjax.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Administrivia: Moving of Weblambda to New Blog

I am consolidating my blogging over to my personal site,, in the near future.

The main site will contain more than just scheme development - if that interests you, that's great.  You can grab the whole feed from

In case you just want to have scheme-related posts - use (RSS feed at

There will be time to make the switch - I will be linking from here to the new site for the next few posts, before I fully make the move.